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Utilise modern, high-tech, ultra light breathable fabrics that combine strength, durability and a surprisingly high tear strength.

Highly Water Resistant
Suitable for all seasons
Frequent & Long-term use
Super Strong
Single Layer Construction
Super Secure
Tailored Fit
Ultraviolet Resistance
Sturdy Zipped Storage Bag

Voyager covers are light yet very strong. They are often used on daily driven vehicles where overnight protection is required.
The Coverzone Voyager fabric is a premium grade polyester that is highly water resistant and breathable. It also features a very high tear strength and can be used in extreme temperatures.

All our covers utilise modern high-tech  materials & manufacturing techniques that ensure maximum protection.
Voyager covers are lightweight yet incredibly strong. The silver outer coating reflects heat and UV making these a favourite choice for hot climates and very cold climates.

These covers also offer great protection from pet & wildlife damage.

Voyager covers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are very versatile & durable as well as being surprisingly light yet strong.
The Voyager fabric does not absorb moisture so water droplets can be shaken from the cover easily when the cover is removed. Good compressibility and small storage size make these ideal to remove and pop in the boot when not in use.

Whether your requirement is for an outdoor cover, an indoor cover, a tailor made custom car cover or for a brand new supercar or an old classic saloon, we have a cover to suit all climates, pockets and storage situations!