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Designed for long-term winter storage where absolute waterproofing is essential. The cover fabric combines a tough waterproof outer skin with a soft non-woven lining that gives maximum protection to car paintwork.

Fully Waterproof
Best Protection for Winter
Long-term Outdoor Storage
Roof Vents
Double Layer Construction
For use Below 21°C
Tailored Fit
Ultraviolet Resistance
Heat Sealed Seams

Monsoon covers are long term winter storage covers where absolute waterproofing is essential.
The Coverzone Monsoon fabric is a heavy duty PVC with a soft, non scratch inner lining. These are waterproof & vented outdoor covers for cars that are not used through the winter or only used occasionally.

All our covers utilise modern high-tech  materials and manufacturing techniques that ensure maximum protection.
They feature a soft lined fabric construction that includes a robust outer layer, heat sealed seams and roof vents to prevent condensation under the cover.

Monsoon covers are winter only covers and only for use outdoors.
The heavy PVC outer of the cover is completely impermeable and encourages any dew or frost to form on the outside of the cover (unlike breathable fabrics) ensuring that the car remains totally dry.

Whether your requirement is for an outdoor cover, an indoor cover, a tailor made custom car cover or for a brand new supercar or an old classic saloon, we have a cover to suit all climates, pockets and storage situations!