Cusco 42263RCP - Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo (92-03) RE13B 1.3L RWD - ZERO-3 COILOVER SUSPENSION KIT_1


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Cusco suspension coil-over kits are used by professionals across the world in various genres of motorsports including; dirt/gravel rally racing, circuit racing, time attack, gymkhana and autocross.

Street models are targeted for spirited highway driving, mountain roads, daily use, and enables that lowered stance that is aesthetically ideal.

All Cusco suspension coil-overs are designed and produced in Japan by certified motorsports suspension engineers using strength simulation software and implementation of real world data logged from participation in motorsports. Each unit undergoes over 500 hours of rust and corrosion testing to bring long lasting use to the end user.

Cusco are one of the biggest premier tuners in the World, based in Japan, they have extensive experience in GT, Formula and World Rally Events. They design everything from suspension and chassis components to engine tuning, roll cages, intake systems, chassis under re-reinforcements and limited-slip differentials.

One of Cusco's biggest and more popular product ranges are the world-renowned Cusco Suspension.