Competition Clutch 10063-1620 - Mazda MX5 2.0L (NC 6 spd.) - Stage 4 6 PAD Sprung Ceramic_1


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Technical Specifications:

BHP: 488

Warranty Policy: 90 Days

Alignment Tool Included: Yes, if applicable

Disc Material: Ceramic

Disc Style: Sprung Hub & Rigid Hub

Flywheel Included: No

Pilot Bearing Included: Yes, if applicable

Throwout Bearing Included: Yes,if applicable

Torque Capacity:
Up to 250% increase at the wheels, depending on application

Stage 4 Sprung – Strip Series 1620 Clutch Kit
This assembly, available with a six puck sprung plate is good for penetrating engagement with higher horsepower applications. This disc complimented by a performance pressure plate provides up to 250% increase in torque capacity. 300 mile break-in recommended with this set-up.

The 1620 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a 6 puck torque sprung disc with Ceramic buttons, all applicable bearings and the appropriate alignment tool.

Competition Clutch specializes in manufacturing sport compact assemblies from street driven to full race applications. You will find our products being proudly used in some of the fastest sport compact race cars in the country, including a number of the most recognized industry icon vehicles.