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Utilises an exciting new fabric that is ultra heavy duty & treated with a Teflon coating. This allows water droplets to bead on top of the fabric & simply run off.

Long Term Outdoor Storage
Fully Breathable
Fully Waterproof
Suitable For All Seasons
Multi-layer Construction
UK Made to Order
Choice of Colours (Black, Grey, Red, Green)
Fully Tailored Stretch Fit
Optional Locking Kit
12 Month Warranty

Apollo covers are our flagship product and are suitable for the harshest of conditions!
The Coverzone Apollo fabric is a UK manufactured premium quality, heavy woven material that is totally waterproof and very breathable. These heavy duty covers are manufactured with care to your order & are truly built to last and will withstand harsh climates and exposed storage situations.

Apollo covers are manufactured to your specification in our UK factory & you can choose colour & final finish.  

They feature a 3 layer fabric construction that includes a strong, robust outer and inner layer.  Sandwiched in the middle is a special waterproof/breathable membrane that allows damp & moisture to escape from the covered vehicle whilst ensuring that rain and snow do not penetrate the cover. A special coating is applied to the fabric prior to assembly which results in water simply beading on the material surface.

Apollo covers are suitable for outdoor use in any storage situation regardless of the prevailing weather or conditions.
The Apollo fabric is extremely robust and the outer layer has a water repellent coating that ensures that rain beads on the surface and runs straight off. We can finish the cover with additional underbody straps & storm straps to go over the fitted cover if required.